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Id. GREC: 012265   Any: 2010   Autors: Saldaña, J.   Títol: Modelling the Spread of Infectious Diseases in Complex Metapopulations   Revista: Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena
Id. GREC: 013488   Any: 2010   Autors: Solé, R.V.; Saldaña, J.; Montoya, J.M.; Erwin, D.H.   Títol: Simple model of recovery dynamics after mass extinction   Revista: Journal of Theoretical Biology
Id. GREC: 014970   Any: 2010   Autors: Pellicer, M.   Títol: Generalized convergence and uniform bounds for semigroups of restrictions of nonselfadjoint operators.   Revista: Journal Of Dynamics And Differential Equations
Id. GREC: 014981   Any: 2010   Autors: Garcia-Taberner, L. ; Masdemont, J. J.   Títol: FEFF methodology for spacecraft formations reconfiguration in the vicinity of libration points   Revista: Acta Astronautica
Id. GREC: 015094   Any: 2010   Autors: Maria Aguareles; S.J. Chapman; T. Witelski   Títol: Motion of spiral waves in the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation   Revista: Physica. D, Nonlinear phenomena
Id. GREC: 015512   Any: 2010   Autors: Verdaguer, M.; Giro, J; Clara, N.; Poch, M.   Títol: How ant systems can help in management of ph for industrial wastewater discharges   Revista: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Id. GREC: 011354   Any: 2010   Autors: Calsina, A.; Ripoll, J.   Títol: Evolution of age-dependent sex-reversal under adaptive dynamics   Revista: Journal of Mathematical Biology