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Id. GREC: 025911   Any: 2017   Autors: Alsedà, Ll.; Juher, D.; Mañosas, F.   Títol: On the minimum positive entropy for cycles on trees   Revista: Transactions of the American Mathematical Society
Id. GREC: 026605   Any: 2017   Autors: Winfried Just; Joan Saldaña; Ying Xin   Títol: Oscillations in epidemic models with spread of awareness   Revista: Journal of Mathematical Biology
Id. GREC: 026622   Any: 2017   Autors: C. Barril; À. Calsina; J. Ripoll   Títol: On the reproduction number of a gut microbiota model   Revista: Journal of Mathematical Biology
Id. GREC: 026624   Any: 2017   Autors: J. Ripoll   Títol: R_0 in continuous-time ecological models structured by age and space   Revista: Biomath Communications
Id. GREC: 027085   Any: 2017   Autors: Britton, T.; Juher, D.; Saldaña, J.   Títol: Erratum to: A Network Epidemic Model with Preventive Rewiring: Comparative Analysis of the Initial Phase (Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, (2016), 78, 12, (2427-2454), 10.1007/s11538-016-0227-4)   Revista: Bulletin of Mathematical Biology   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 027149   Any: 2017   Autors: David Juher; Joan Saldaña; Robert Kohn; Kyle Bernstein; Caterina Scoglio   Títol: Network-centric interventions to contain the syphilis epidemic in San Francisco   Revista: Scientific Reports
Id. GREC: 027157   Any: 2017   Autors: Tom Britton; David Juher; Joan Saldaña   Títol: Erratum to: A network epidemic model with preventive rewiring: comparative analysis of the initial phase   Revista: Bulletin of Mathematical Biology