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Id. GREC: 023518   Any: 2016   Autors: Verdaguer, M.; Suy, J.; Villaret, M.; Clara, N.; Bofill, M.; Poch, M.   Títol: An exact approach for the prioritization process of industrial influents in wastewater systems   Revista: Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy
Id. GREC: 024213   Any: 2016   Autors: Alsedà, Ll.; Juher, D.; Los, J.; Mañosas, F.   Títol: Volume entropy for minimal presentations of surface groups in all ranks   Revista: Geometriae Dedicata   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 024481   Any: 2016   Autors: Barrabés, E; Garcia-Taberner, L.; Gómez, G.   Títol: A note on transfers from LEOs to GEOs visiting libration points of the Sun-Earth CRTBP   Revista: Advances in Space Research
Id. GREC: 025580   Any: 2016   Autors: Barrabés, E; Gómez, G; Mondelo, J.M.; Ollé, M.   Títol: Pseudo-heteroclinic connections between bicircular restricted four-body problems   Revista: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 025907   Any: 2016   Autors: Britton, T.; Juher, D.; Saldaña, J.   Títol: A network epidemic model with preventive rewiring: comparative analysis of the initial phase   Revista: Bulletin of Mathematical Biology   Dipositada al Repositori Institucional
Id. GREC: 025345   Any: 2016   Autors: Verdaguer, Marta; Clara, Narcís; Monclús, Héctor; Poch, Manel   Títol: A step forward in the management of multiple wastewater streams by using an ant colony optimization-based method with bounded pheromone   Revista: Process Safety and Environmental Protection