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Id. GREC: 022965   Any: 2016   Autors: Albert Avińó; Marta Pellicer; Jordi Ripoll; Joan Saldańa   Títol: Density-dependent diffusion rates and the initial phase of epidemics on heterogeneous metapopulations   Referčncia: 19th European conference on mathematics for industry: book of abstracts  
Id. GREC: 023007   Any: 2016   Autors: C. Barril; Ŕ. Calsina; J. Ripoll   Títol: Basic reproduction number in a spatially structured model for gut microbiota   Referčncia: Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering (CMMSE 2016)  
Id. GREC: 023839   Any: 2016   Autors: Albert Avinyó   Títol: SCM/Notícies 39   Referčncia:  
Id. GREC: 023974   Any: 2016   Autors: Albert Avinyó   Títol: SCM/Notícies 40   Referčncia: